Structure On Dark Side Of The Moon


When I was stationed at Langley Air Force Base, the NASA people claimed an alien base was found on the far side of the Moon.

One of the most fascinating pieces of “evidence for alien bases on the far side of the Moon comes from remote viewer Ingo Swann who has stayed at my home during one of my research meetings. Swann, who was instrumental in creating the US government’s remote viewing program in the 1970s, is one of the most respected remote viewers in the world. In 1973, while remote viewing Jupiter, Swann reported that the giant gas planet had rings. This fact was unknown to astronomers at the time, but was confirmed by Voyager 1 in 1979. Swann’s remote viewed the Moon, an event reported in Swann’s own 1998 self-published work, Penetration .

In 1994, the US Navy sent a satellite called Clementine to the moon to image it for two months. During that time, the satellite took 1.8 million images. Out of those images, 170,000 images were made available to the public. The rest were classified. Classified moon craters?

Swann remote viewed key locations on the Moon and found about ten different locations that indicated an unearthly extraterrestrial presence. “Swann ‘saw’ with his mind’s eye craters in darkness, and trails of tractor-tread marks. Confusion set in until Swann realized that he was ‘seeing’ intelligent activity and structures on the moon.

“In the depths of a crater he viewed a green, dusty haze lit by banks of artificial lights mounted on very large, tall towers. He was apparently observing extraterrestrials building a base on the moon. Ingo sensed that he had been psychically ‘spotted’ by two of the humanoid-looking inhabitants of the moon base. The aliens appeared to be conducting mining operations.

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