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This category contains images of objects and anomalies found in Mars images. Most images were taken with the Mars Surveyor and Spirit and Opportunity rovers. Is there life on Mars? Or was there once life?

Strange Artifact In Mars Rover Image

Nasa’s Curiosity rover has discovered a mysterious metal object emerging from rock on the surface of Mars.

New Face Found On Mars

New Face Found on Mars What appears to be a head (profile view) was found on Mars. It may very well just be the terrain, but it does resemble what appears to be a humanoid head looking from a profile view. Very interesting!!! Google Mars coordinates: 33 ° 13’16 .11 “N 12 ° 56’22 .88 “O Submitted by: MATTEO IANNEO Italy

Strange Dome On Mars In Crater

STRANGE DOME LIKE FEATURE ON MARS. IS IT OURS OR THEIRS ??? Unless Buckminster Fuller took a vacation there, this is a geodesic dome someone else brought there, like, uhhh, the US Navy. People do not realize the navy jockeyed for position to control ‘ships’ in space. That is why the US wants to extradite the hacker McKinnon from the UK. He hacked in to Read More →

Monolith Found On Mars Moon Phobos

Monolith On Mars Moon Phobos U.S. astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the Moon, alluded to a monolith detected on Mars’ moon Phobos. Speaking on a U.S. cable television channel he said: “We should visit the moons of Mars. There’s a monolith there – a very unusual structure on this little potato shaped object that goes around Mars once every seven hours. Read More →

Glass Tunnels On Mars

Glass looking tunnels in Mars Imagery

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