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Crop Circle – Walbury Hill

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New Spiral In Sky In Australia

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I was on the beach, at the water’s edge and looked to the west to see a beautiful, bright moon. Except it wasn’t the moon! It was a bright light moving slowly east, towards me and surrounded by a swirling mist. The mist rotated clockwise around the bright, white light and followed it perfectly.
The light moved slowly across the sky (directly above the Coolangatta Airport) and remained silent the whole time. It disappeared in the east (seemingly disappearing into a cloud!). This UFO was witnessed by many people on the East Coast of Australia and at this stage in time has been dismissed as being space junk. See for yourself.
It was NOT the ISS (Space Station) according to it’s orbit information and time. It MAY HAVE BEEN the X-37B as it’s orbit passed over Australia.
UPDATE: June 12th, 2010. It’s been one week since I filmed this video and I want to thank everyone for their comments. I think the majority of people support the explanation that it is the Falcon9 rocket, spinning and venting fuel and is thus now an IFO, not a UFO! This fuel leakage reflecting off the morning sun certainly explains the glowing, rotating mist I saw!
Also, thanks for all the views. This video made it to Number 5 most viewed this week in Australia! I really am astonished just how many people have seen it. Certainly beats my Koala video, which strangely, no one has yet claimed to be fake!!!
Finally, to answer those who asked what camera I used. I’m pleased to report it was filmed on my touch screen Sony Ericsson Aino 8MP mobile phone, using Auto settings with Night Mode. I originally started fiming without Night Mode, but I could only see a white dot on the screen and quickly realised it was a waste of time. In hindsight, I’m glad I switched to Night Mode and if I had done so sooner, you would have seen a longer video! (Although I sound calm in the video, I had been fumbling around nervously trying to remember how to switch to Night Mode, so it did take some time to get my act together! If the object had been much faster I would have mised it!!!)

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Monolith Found On Mars Moon Phobos

Monolith On Mars Moon Phobos
U.S. astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the Moon, alluded to a monolith detected on Mars’ moon Phobos. Speaking on a U.S. cable television channel he said: “We should visit the moons of Mars. There’s a monolith there – a very unusual structure on this little potato shaped object that goes around Mars once every seven hours. ‘When people find out about that they are going to say, “Who put that there? Who put that there?” Well the universe put it there, or if you choose God put it there.” In 2007 the Canadian Space Agency funded a study for an unmanned mission to Phobos known as PRIME (Phobos Reconnaissance and International Mars Exploration).

Phobos is a vastly promising location for future exploration. The moon itself has long been an anomaly; its orbital characteristics suggest it may be hollow. More aggressive speculation suggests that Phobos may in fact be a derelict spacecraft of the “generation ark” variety described by science writers such as Isaac Asimov. Unexplained surface features such as the numerous converging grooves, together with the conspicuous monolith-like formations, pose the possibility that Phobos harbors uneroded structures deserving of close attention.

Lan Fleming a NASA imaging specialist who has interest in Mars and other solar system anomalies. Lan looked at it and upon further examination and study concluded, that the monolith was a physical anomaly on the surface of Phobos.

The building-sized monolith is the main proposed landing site because scientists believe the object is a boulder exposed relatively recently in an otherwise featureless area of the asteroid-like moon. PRIME investigator Dr Alan Hildebrand said it could answer questions about the moon’s composition and history. “If we can get to that object, we likely don’t need to go anywhere else,” he told his science team.

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